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About Us

Limited liability company Q PARTNER established in 2002 as wholesale and retail trade company with computer hardware, software and networking. Several years later we started participate in traffic engineering R&D projects.
We have finished transition from IT trade into a software development company in 2010.

Our core business is web development with focus on online marketing. We deliver solutions that help customers start and boost internet business. Our websites are provided with aligned marketing strategy that meets customer needs.

We are building flexible websites with robust content management systems (CMS) like a Drupal, OpenCart, WordPress etc. running on reliable and secure web hosting. The R&D process includes also online marketing strategy, advertising campaign, branding, corporate identity and trademark.
Our websites are optimized for search engines (SEO) with web analytics and advertising accounts, enabled e-commerce support and integrated social networks.

Portrait photo of Milan Sosty

Milan Sosty

CEO & Co-Founder
Enthusiastic domain broker and webhosting administrator interested in trademark, ready made companies and golf.
Portrait photo of Michal Sosty

Michal Sosty

Development & Marketing
Organic R&D entrepreneur involved in web development, online marketing, CMF, web analytics, SEO, e-commerce, social media, DTP, branding and startups.